Monday, July 21, 2008

well hello.....hows it all going?? today mum had the kids for us and we took Mel and Darren to liffey falls then to cradle mountain (well almost).

so the day started ok, we got to liffey falls and did a little walk took some pics, it was stunning as we were walking back to the car in starting snowing, HOW COOL!!!!

So next we were headed up to cradle mountain, and as we were getting closer it starting snowing real heavy, then all of a sudden the road was white and our car was sliding all over the place, it was a little scary. So we didnt quite make it up the mountain, we still had 30kms to go, so so disappointing, but we didnt want to risk crashing the car. So we turned around and stopped down the road a bit and had a play in the snow! it was a lot of fun.sooo.....even though we didnt get all the way there we still had a good time. so will probably be doing a bit more looking about tomorrow, see what we can find. at some stage i would like to do some scrapbooking :)!! anyways take care peeps.




Terri said...

Hey Em the blog look great and those photo's are totally awesome. You must teach me how to do those frames one day - I love'm