early birthday present

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hi all!

Well i decided i wanted the latest photoshop Elements as i was trying ever so hard to apply the urban acid action in my version 2.0, after having a good go at it i thought, what the hell its my birthday soon!! so i went and got 6.0. rushed home installed it, and whatya know, still could not work it out. Finally got it to work, and even think i could of done it on my 2.0, but oh well!!!!!! so for a couple of days now i have been doing nothing but playing with actions and frames and all sorts, having heaps of fun! here is some stuff i have been playing with, loving this action "retro pop" i think it look great!

Have not been doing a lot of scrapping lately though, just working on my black magic LO's, one done, one to go! And of course completed week 6 of Mystical challenge, Game on, our criteria was to use the colours, red, black, white/cream, use a crown, and a layered embellishment, am really glad with the outcome of that one. And also another LO from mystical, was really cool, almost like a blind scrap. We got a list of supplies and a list of instructions, and away we went. was real fun to do.

My SIL (sister in law) and her new BF came over today, they are staying with us for a week. Im so glad she came for a visit, its great to see her! am looking forward to catching up and taking some wicked happy snaps. we are going to be doing a bit of sightseeing here and there so will post some pics later on. Anyway hope everyone is well out there.

Em xx