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Monday, July 28, 2008

hi! you may be asking where the hell have i been! well i will tell you, I've been taking photos, photos and more photos and am so obsessed with getting fantastic photos!! and who do i have to blame for this, well when i am not takin photos I am surfing this blog:

jessica sprague takes amazing photos and she scraps! she does alot of digital scrapping, which im not really into although i have been DL a few of her free kits, GORGEOUS!! I stumbled across her blog whilst surfing for tutorials on my new photoshop elements program. She has really easy instructions to follow every friday for photoshop friday :) loving it anyway. Here are some photos i have been playing around with in photoshop.

Besides blog surfing and photos i have been doing a bit of scrappin. Black magic released its 1st challenge and all the CT examples were awesome, loving it!! here is my example for challenge 1.

Also on Saturday night was crop night up at susans. I love crop night, it was my second time at susans place, its gorgeous and she has this cute little scrap space upstairs dubbed "the shop" and if your extra nice she lets you rummage through her stuff and use it. what a woman!!!! we ordered Pizza (bad idea) not only am i meant to be on a diet but it made me feel very ill so i left early as i really thought i was going to be sick all over everyones beautiful creations they were making! But i managed to get half a LO done, finished it off on sunday.

Wends and me up at susans place friday night

At the moment i am just making up some cool swaps that are happening over at mystical. Cupcakes, circle flowers and trees, I am just finishing off the trees then i am all done. Oh dear kiddies are getting a bit ratty time for naps i think. Have just been playing with Bella and her play dough creative table she got from ma (aunty) mel for her birthday. Only problem is there is play dough everywhere and Jordan just happened to find some on the floor yesterday, this is how i found him....oh dear, yucky. He thought it was great, I went and cleaned his face, came back out and then he was still dribbling blue, opened up his mouth and there was a whole clump stuck on the roof of his mouth....also not to mention the lovely colour of his nappy late last night!!! hahaha

anyway i think that might be it for me today, will check back in later on. Hope everyone is well!!


Em xx


Wendy said...

Hey Emm...can you print me off one of those pics...I LOOOOOOOVE it.

Terri said...