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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hi guys

well i just finished off my last LO for the game on competition over at mysticals. It was real fun doing these challenges but I am glad it is over :) so now we just have to wait and see who wins, the prize is a pink paislee pack, i LOVE pink paislee!! dont think i will win though. here are my eight LOs and the criteria

Week 1 - Connect 4
* Use 4 connecting circles. Your circles must either overlap or intertwine with each other.
* 4 photos
* 2 colours only one of which must be either blue or red.

week 2 - monopoly
* choose one of the following properties and use the coordinating techniques- Strand - Stitching- Bow Street - Ribbons- Regent Street - Crown - Park Lane - Flowers/Foliage- The Angel islington - Wings
* Your title must feature the words Chance or Go
* You must use no more than 6 items on you page (as it is up to a 6 player game). ie - cardstock, patterned paper, alphas, flowers, buttons, ribbon. You can use endless amounts of each item.

Week 3 - Pictionary
* follow the sketch. You are free to unique interpretation but it must be recognisable as the sketch.
* Doodling must be prominent.
* You must use 1 embellishment in your title ie. for the word love you would use a heart.

Week 4 - Trivial pursuit
* Your title must be a question
* You must write more than 3 sentences of journaling and it must answer your question.
* Use any of the pie colours only - Pink, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green or Orange. I will allow small amounts of Black and White.

Week 5 - Scrabble
* Block letters (eg. Heidi Swapp block alphas, Carolees Creations alpha stickers (anything square or rectangle) you could even make your own)
* Use 1" square/s on you layout - you must use a minimum of 6.
* Triple letter score - 3 colours only
* Double letter score - 2 photos only

Week 6 - Checkers
* Black, White / Cream & Red only
* You must use a layered embellishment.
* You must use a Crown somewhere on the layout.

Week 7 - Twister
* You must used at least 4 different colours
* You must use circles
* You must use at least 4 layers.

Week 8 - Guess Who
* You must use a portrait type photo of 1 person only.
* Your journaling must detail the personality / physical traits about your chosen person.

So there you have it. Hated my week 1 LO, and i think my favourite was my week 6 LO.

Not much else has been happening here besides me trying to snap the first moment Jordan crawls, so far all he is doing is getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth. Wont be long though im sure

Anyway guys, just spoke to my nan on the phone and she has just made a fresh batch of scones so might pop down for a visit for some scones with jam and cream, mmmmmm yummy!!!


Em xx


Wendy said...

Love the montage of picturs....great job with Game On...good luck

Terri said...

Yes it's all over, but hopefully now I can scrap some of the other challenges and get Colleen's b'day album done. Remind me not to volunteer for stuff like that again!! Hey I'm making scones today...wanna come over for some!!!!! Miss you