a little WOW

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hi just a quick update for you all.  I Have been super busy this month, flying interstate for concerts, taking lots of photos & editing for clients and general mummy stuff.  Hence the reason it has taken me all month to blog!  Almost december means its going to be even busier next month.  But I am looking forward to going to SA for 3 weeks for christmas.

anyways here is a WOW layout for you.  Theres been a few blog posts go up on there blog, so you should go check it out.  Lots of cool christmas chipboard! Here is a layout using a chipboard title.

IMG_0852  I do have another one done as well, I just havent taken a photo of it yet, will get onto that today.  Also im in the throws of setting up my daily december album, if I dont hurry up though its going to be december before I know it and I will not be organised.  Bye for now.



Terri said...

Love the chippie title, great pics too!