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Thursday, June 3, 2010

hey hows it going everyone?? Today I enrolled in an adult education photography course for next month!! im pretty excited, hoping that I learn something great from it, I've really been enjoying taking and editing photos, and I know Im nothing like all the fantastic photographers i stalk in the blog world, but would really like to learn more and maybe make something out of it :) anyway thought I would post some more photos of the tutu photo shoot with hells bells :) just a couple of my favs!

isnt my girl so adorable!!! Well i think so. lol.

I made a header for my blog today, so will fix that up tomorrow :) and hopefully get some scrapping in. What is everyone else up to? Thats it for me, might go to bed a bit earlier tonight, the last 2 nights I have sat up passed midnight reading the latest installment in the Vampire academy books!! love it, cant wait for the next one.

Em x


Kirsty said...

Oh she is gorgeous! Your photography is wonderful...obviously you have natural talent..your course will just enhance this!
I read the latest vampire accademy book this week...SO good!

雅婷 said...