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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

goodness me arent i a naughty little thing. I really am a bad bad blogger. I dont think there are many of you out there that read my blog but for the ones that do here is a overload of los for you :).

firstly embellished idol: i got eliminated after round 7, which i must say i hated the criteria for that one. I made a headband, it sucked, hence the reason i got eliminated. hehe. anyways.....

week 6 layout
week 5 layout:

week 4 layout: i actually think this is my favourite out of all of them

week 3 layout: although i really like this one to. lol

week 2 layout:

and you have seen the week 1 layout.

next i have just joined the creative team for white with 1. here is my layout for october, head on over and check the criteria and enter for your chance to win :)

what is old is new is going along nicely, the kits that mel is producing i think are gorgeous, unique and very very usable, you dont get crap that you wont use in them. not to mention the embellishment kits and extra things that are going on over there at the moment. head on over, there is a link to our new challenge blog! here is my layout for the challenge blog and my favourite lo from my october kit.

challenge blog layout:

my kit layout:

have you had enough yet?? well i have. lol i will be back to do another post tomorrow with some more los and maybe some photos to share. hope everyone out there are doing well.

Em xxx


Wendy Smith said...

OMG...she blogged!!!!!!!!!

gorgeous work Em

Aga said...

Wow so many wonderful layouts in one post!!! they all look fabulous btw :)
Aga xx

Terri said...

YAY!!! Em posted and will be back tomorrow(Terri faints!!)Always love looking at your work sweet....can I pinch an idea off you?? Will call you...

Susan Longman said...

well about