Look What my Husband Did

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hi guys hows it going?? Just thought I would pop by and show you what my husband made for me :) My friend Mel has the very cool clip it up system, and me being the tight arse that I am :) didnt want to pay for one, so I asked my husband to make me something like it. After surfing the net looking to see where I could buy the clips from I found somebody who had made their own clips and thought wow thats a great idea, im soooo stealing it :) so i did!! but have to give kudos to the blog i got it from http://outtathisfunk.blogspot.com/2008/01/sticker-gripper.html So anyway enough rambling from me, lets take a look at what my darling husband made for me!

The box with 2 wooden rungs he made:

The clips we made:

So cool right!! So anyway i cleaned up my scrappin space and clipped all my stickers and rub-ons etc onto my new peg it system :) Here are some pics of my scrappin space.
my little corner of the lounge room:
these are actually dvd shelves but since we have our big entertainment unit we dont use them for dvds:
My table with my 'peg it box' on it:

Anyway just thought I would share that with you all! Hope everyone is doing well! Chat later :)

Em xxx


Wendy Smith said...

it looks fantastic Em...I want one..Does Phil do work for commision???

Ness said...

That looks fantastic !! Did you use the 1" pegs or normal sized? I don't know where I would get 1" ?? !! I SO have to get me a system like this ! Again ... FANTASTIC !!

Kirsty said...

Looks FAB!

Nic said...

Awesome idea!!! I so need some good ideas and organisation in my scrap space.. there is only so much you can fit in cupboards and folders before they bust!!