Monday, September 8, 2008

no im not missing........just really really slack. I havent even been overly busy, although i feel like i have to much scrapping to do and not enough time to do it......but thats my own fault because i keep procrastinating about it. Or watching the first season of dexter instead of scrapping of a night. Cant help it, i love that show at the moment. So what else has been happening....fathers day was on sunday and as usual phil wouldnt let me buy him anything coz he got his navman a couple of weeks before fathers day and said he would be mad at me if i got him anything else.....which sux coz he would!! i did get him a box of favourites though, which works out good for me to, we munch on them as we are watching dexter...hehe. Went out to the cemetry and took four bunches of flowers out.....it looked great once mum and I had finished, Its so weird and sad that dad and now uncle darrin is out there next to him, it still doesnt feel real......either of them being there really. Anyways dont wanna get to deep about it, i might cry with my stupid pregnant hormones driving me crazy at the moment. hehe. Phil thinks im a whinger...i agree, but tough titties........lol. anyways ive got a few LO's ive done over the last week or so to share with you. Very exciting first week of so you think you can scrap....i loved the criteria for the first challenge....hopefully i will get through to the next round with my little effort. Anyways here it is....

im quite happy with the LO so if i dont get through to the next round, i dont get through. Go and check out everyone elses LO in the SYTYCS gallery. I loved susans and Mels LO's, they rock.

I have fallen really behind in the scrapbooking olympics...theres a lot of OTP challenges and i just dont get motivated or inspired to even attempt to do them. terrible i know........

Round 5 of gladiators at mysticals is over, almost into the business end of the competition..... enjoying it although bloody wendy is running it and is being a real stickler and setting sneaky little bonus challenges all over the place hahahahaha. i even won this last round so i am enjoying it......here is the LO.

anyway guys, think i might head off. hope you are all doing well. will chat very soon.

Em xxx


Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous work Emma...as always...love it