bad blogger!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

oh dear, im sorry im such a bad blogger!  truth is though, I havent done anything much this month.  With all my stuff packed away for open inspections on the house I just can not get motivated to get it out of the cupboard, So much better when I just had it sitting there where I could come or go as I pleased!  Can not wait to get into the new house!!!! Smile  I do have something to share with you though.  I attempted the colour challenge over at Savvy for this month, loved the colours sara chose for us, my paper doesnt look as grey as I think it looks IRL, but whatever its something scrapped right Smile


Oh some good news, “friend Mel” (as bells call her) and I have taken over Scrap the boys.  So thats White with 1, Kraft it up & Scrap the boys Mel has, shes a clever little duck and very good at multi tasking. LOL  anyways we are very excited to get STB back up and running, going through some details over the next week or so, Should be a goer for March though Smile keep your eyes peeled.  Dont forget to have a look at KIU & WW1 though, the new challenges will be up in the next day or 2.  so exciting Smile

Em x


Terri said...

I was wondering what had happened to STB last month! And yes a very bad blogger...... as if I can talk!! LOL
Love the LO too