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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So if you all hadn’t heard already, I made it in the top 10 Scrapbooking masters for Scrapbooking memories mag.  How frickin awesome is that!  I’ve known for a few months and was not allowed to tell anyone! how hard was that?? I mean I could never even keep a secret when i was preggers with the kiddies, that’s how bad I am!  But I am so stoked to be able to share now Smile I wasn’t home the day the calls went out, I had my mobile with me as usual and really wasn’t expecting anything, so when my hubby rang to tell me there was a message on our answering machine at home from ‘some scrapbooking girl, I think her name was Kristy’ i almost wet my pants! I still can not really believe that i am a master, its such an honour for me.  Not to mention the other 9 chickies on the list.  Im such a huge fan of Tara’s work and have been a stalker of her blog for awhile Smile Here is the list, go and check out their blogs.  I for one, can not wait to see the mag Smile 

Tara Scobie

Tiff Sawyer

Michelle Winston

Tatum Woodroffe

Lauren Bell

Kathleen Glossop

Kerryn Leworthy

Bridgette Hatton

Fran Tynan

The magazine should be out on December 15th, don’t forget to pick up a copy Smile

Em x


Felicity said...

:))))))) x

Terri said...

LOL!! your so funny!
Congrats on becoming a I need to bow when we catch up now!!LOL
PS I have just renewed my sub so I wont miss anything ;)

Cathy said...

Huge Congrats Emma... such exciting news!!!

Chloe :-) said...

Congrats!! Exciting stuff :-) can't wait to see all your gorgeous work :-)

Kate said...

Congratulations Emma, such exciting news!!