Scrap space

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hi all!  Last night I did a layout for scrap the boys august challenge! woop woop back at it.  So then I sat down at my desk and I was going to do the other august challenge from STB and realised I couldn’t move, I had a little 30cm x 30cm spot without anything on it, but there was crap everywhere……so what did I do?? Complained to my hubby!! LOL He told me, you are not buying a bigger table or anything else till we build the new house and then we can sort something out for your scrap space!  well actually he just said your not buying a bigger table, but I totally know he was thinking about the setup he is going to build me in the new house!!! coz I totally was. hahahaha.  Anyway I decided to go through my stuff, throw some stuff out that i’ve been hoarding from 6 years ago and that I am never ever going to use, So that’s what I did, I also pulled out my tall cupboard and went through that, and hallelujah I have room to actually create!! I wasn’t smart enough to take before photos but I did get some after shots! here they are.IMG_2059   one with the cupboard door open!


So anyway I forgot to take a pic of the layout so will do that tomorrow :)  take care for now

Em x


Kayla Renee said...

That's looking a lot better than mine.
Mine is all packed in cupboard boxes...which I am pretty sure are dusty it hasn't been used in so long :o

Can't wait to see the LO.