still here!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hiiii, im still here just got nothing crafty that I can share with you (doesnt mean I havent been doing anything crafty though) :)) almost middle of the month already, honestly where has this year gone???

Anyway look what I got in the mail!!!! the gorgeous jodie from sweet vintage had a giveaway on her blog, all you had to do was leave a comment, and low and behold my number came up as the winner! woo friggin hoo!! if you havent seen what jodies etsy shop is all about go check it out, she has the cutest doilies and handmade flowers, this is what she sent me, awesome!!

I have my Adult Ed photography course tomorrow night and saturday, So excited about it. Which is a lead into what im going to show you now :) I went and visited a friend from work on the weekend and took some pics of her gorgeous girls, here is a couple of my favourites.

anyway thats it for me for the moment, I am going to try and get some challenges done this month, might have something to share soon :)

Em x