Daily December album

Friday, December 4, 2009

So i am once again attempting a daily december album! This year I actually plan on finishing it :) I got my daily december album from WHATS OLD IS NEW, I think you can still get one if you are lucky!! and if you have a look on the blog, mel is also doing one and showing it step by step So i have finally set up and numbered all my pages, all i have to do is take photos and fill it with our lives. So here are the pages........

front cover and pages 1 - 4

Pages 5 - 9

Pages 10 - 14

Pages 15 - 18

Pages 19 - 23

Pages 24 - 28

Pages 29 - 31

So when i catch up on filling up the days i will take an after pic and post them :) until then cya!!

Em x


Kirsty said...

Looks great!

KateB said...

outstanding! i wasn't disciplined enough to add my dates in adead of time! Mine is more of a December journal that way, I can cheat a bit! Loved all your papers and numbers and can't wait to see it in its entirety with pics!