Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hiya all. How you going? good i hope.......So can you believe i made it through to ROUND 9 on SYTYCS. I was floored actually. Still a bit flabber gasted seeing as the hugely talented Susan Longman got eliminated, cant believe that really either!!!! So here is my round 8 LO, the genre was colour blocking, not my favourite LO actually but i guess it was pretty traditional colour blocking LO, and someone must of liked it because it got voted for :)

What else have a i been doing, white with 1 entry: criteria this month was white (duh) orange and stamping, here is my LO

Also entered the monthly sketch competetion over at embellished, here is my LO for that, which i actully like :)

Round 9 for SYTYCS we have to do 2 layouts....oooooo yes you read right 2!!!!! So the first criteria is to use a 8x10 photo, which i luuurve big photos and keep the rest fairly simple ( i can do this......i hope :). ) The second LO is based on a Sketch (from pencil lines) which i luuurve sketches, so i am hoping i do good this week, coz im loving the criteria for both LO's, will probably be my last week though...there are some great scrappers in this competition, its a little daunting to think little ol me is still there. But i am having a great time doing this comp, so i guess thats all that counts.

So next post i will post both my round 9 LO's and also probably Novembers first sketch for Black magic. till then, take care......


Em xx


Susan Longman said...

Beautiful work you WW1 layout

Wendy Smith said...

WTG EMM...congrats on getting through

Loving your WW1 lo too