Round 6 SYTYCS

Saturday, October 11, 2008

hi guys. well i made it through to round 6, yay!! untill i seen the criteria for this week. 1 photo, no bigger than 4x6, no problem! 1 piece of PP, hmm getting trickier! storytelling theme. hmm i like journalling, but telling a story, eek! story to be about grief/sadness/loss etc! oh dear, do i want to go there. atleast 100 handwritten words, HOLY MOLY!!! but i did it and here is the LO i created....will just have to wait and see if i make it to the next round.

the journalling says the following-

For many years i thought maybe i could of helped. I now realise i was only 13 and there was infact nothing anybody could do let alone a scared little girl. I often wonder what life would be like if you were still here. I was 13 years this year since you died dad,half my life. It still hurts just as much, in a way more so, i understand what mum lost, what we lost. To think that you were only 32, that bonnie was only 2, the same age as bella is now. And to think of everything that you have missed out on. Us 4 kids all grown up, your 1st grandson, then my kids coming along. Not only have you missed the good times, but you missed the tough times, when we felt the loss of you the most. I hope you know that we love you and miss you so much everyday.

Anyway thats all from me, hope you are all doing well......will update again soon!


Em xx


Kirsty said...

Hi Emma, I love your entry for this week, it must have been hard to write about. This week's criteria was TOUGH. I really struggled too. Its going to be extra hard to vote this week I think...

Wendy Smith said...

this is really lovely. Such a masculine LO and terrific jouranlling....tfs

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Wow, great heartfelt entry. Love the masculine feel to it and the little owl is super cute!