for my cousins

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so i have been working on these off the page letters for my cousins for ages. I started them awhile ago and hated what i had done, so i started all over again. So they arent exactly what i envisoned but hopefully the girls will like them. one for each of their names, A for aimee, C for courtney and R for rianna. Oh crap i just realised that riana is spelt with 1 n and not 2. oh dear!!!!!!!! ok i fixed it on the letter just not the photo. So anyways here they are.

not much else happening here on the scrap front, i have had a bad case of lost mojo!! will probably go and do the spellbound from mysticals last night, coz i feel like scrappin, i just have no mojo!!!!!! i better find it by tonight coz im going up to sues. anyways...................scratch ya all later.

Em xx

ps will leave you with a photo of my darling little boy drinking from a sippie cup for the first time. awwwwww. ow ow i might scrap one of those photos. hehe. xx