sick kiddies

Monday, July 14, 2008

so havent been on the PC much as my poor little kiddies are sick. both of them!! boohoo its so tiring when they are both sick...............

but anyway this is what has been going down the last couple of days.....

my little girl got a big bed!! a cute elmo bed! which my mum and I put together ourselves, even if it did take HOURS!!!!! then phil at the last minute decided we were taking so long and came in with his CORDLESS DRILL!!!! and finished it off. thank
The MIL (mother in law) and BIL (brother in law) left this morning, they stayed with us for 10 days, which i might add went very quickly, we saw a bit of this and a bit of that, hopefully next time we can go see alot more. It was great having them here though, but fully the reason i have not been doing any scrapping, although a great number of photos were taken so hopefully some LO's will benefit from this :) haha.